Moto-GymKhana training

Moto-GymKhana training

We are a group of motorcycle enthusiests based in Wellington who like to push the limits on our bikes.

We enjoy pairing high-adrenaline, low risk racing with slow-speed, skill based riding. We are currently the only club in New Zealand to compete in the specialized motor sport of Moto-Gymkhana.

You can come join us on any Thursday night with your own bike or you can rent one of our own.

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About the Club and Founder

In 2014, James Riley noticed an opportunity to bring a new motorcycle sport to New Zealand – one with less chances of serious injuries.

At the time, the sport of Moto-Gymkhana was only starting to pick up interest outside of Japan, where it originated. It had not yet arrived in New Zealand, and there was nothing else similar existing in the country where a rider could push the limits of their road motorcycle at slower speeds.

He began his own club, the Coneheads, out in Levin and has competed in the online competition that soon followed out of the USA through the World Competition each year that it has been run since its beginning in 2016.

The intention of Coneheads was to provide a safe and friendly environment where riders could comfortably push themselves and increase their skills in this fantastic motor sport.

The Editor of Performance Bikes called it “the most insane, non-lethal motorcycle sport” – what more could you want?

The rewards are great and the risk is small. Riding Moto-Gymkhana shows us how to handle motorcycles in ways that no other motorcycle sport can. These skills can cross over to the track, road, dirt, or wherever else you might ride. But unlike other forms of riding, at a Moto-Gymkhana course it is relatively safe with bumps and bruises being the most common injuries.

Join in on the Fun!

All throughout the year (with the exception of really bad weather or Covid lock-downs) we practice openly with the public for free. 

We set up, show off, mentor newcomers, and simply have a lot of fun. 

This happens on Thursday nights from 5:30pm to 7.30pm out in the carpark of our sponsors Outlet City.

We also do have club bikes kitted out for the sport with crash protection avaliable for $20 a session for those who want to have a go but are too scared to scratch their own motorcycles.


Contact Us

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